6 Neuroscience Hacks to Beat Writer's Block

The page is blank and the cursor is blinking at you accusingly. You’ve been sitting at your computer for an hour and you’ve written a sum total of nothing. It’s not that you don’t want to write – it’s that you can’t. The words that yesterday flowed so easily have disappeared into the ether – and you’re wondering despairingly if they’re ever going to return. Most (if not all) writers are familiar with this scenario. The dreaded writer’s block – that, for me at least, usually turns up when there’

The Best Web Hosting Services You Never Knew About

When searching for a decent web host, you’ll often find the same few companies listed again and again on blogs and review websites. In some cases, these companies actually do provide decent services. However, the reality is that they’re not necessarily being recommended because they offer the best features. The real reason these hosts are recommended so often is that they run attractive affiliate programs, incentivizing bloggers and reviewers to rave about their services. For example, you’ll f

Common Blogging Crimes To Avoid At All Costs In 2019

No matter what kind of website you have, or what business you run, you need to have blog posts on your site. Not only do blogs keep your visitors updated with all your latest news, but they’re also an opportunity to showcase products and services. Some people use their blogs as a kind of journal, whilst others create posts like this one, offering tips and information for visitors. The most important reason why you need blogs on your website is because your visitors and Google value fresh conten

What is Responsive Design and Why Does Your Website Need It?

Imagine Joe, a middle manager who sometimes likes to browse the internet on his desktop at work when nobody’s watching. After clicking a link on Facebook, he arrives at your product page and instantly falls in love. Joe’s super eager to buy, but he musters up enough willpower to wait until after work so his boss doesn’t get pissed off. Finally on the train home, Joe returns to your product page using his smartphone. But as hard as he tries, he can’t seem to complete his purchase! After many min

Online Reviews Websites: Managing Your Online Reputation

With more and more people shopping for products and services online, reviews are becoming an increasingly important part of consumers’ shopping experiences. Sites such as Trustpilot allow people to leave their thoughts about the websites they’ve purchased from, and it’s these reviews that can influence other shoppers. It’s clear, then, that managing your online reputation is important for the success of your business. In this article, we’ll be looking at the truth about online reviews and exami

Best Digital Marketing To Increase Web Traffic On A Budget: 6 Principles

Best Digital Marketing To Increase Web Traffic On A Budget: 6 Principles If you want to discover the best digital marketing to increase web traffic, you’ve come to the right place. Digital marketing can be complex — and finding the best strategy for your business is often a frustrating process. You want rapid results, you haven’t got time to do a detailed course in digital marketing, and you’re on a tight budget — but these don’t need to be obstacles in the way of your success. Keep reading to

Social Media Marketing: 5 Reasons Why You Need Great Content For Success

Social Media Marketing: 5 Reasons Why You Need Great Content For Success No business can afford to ignore social media in their marketing strategy. Social media marketing has exploded in the last few years, with ‘influencers’ growing huge followings on Instagram and YouTube. The rapid evolution of social media means that you have to keep adapting your social media marketing strategy to keep up. In 2019 and beyond it’s expected that more web traffic will arrive at your site through social media

5 Best WordPress Plugins for Developers in 2019 (and 3 Worst)

CSS can be complicated and time-consuming, so a plugin that makes CSS customization straightforward and quick has a natural place in your toolkit. CSS Hero gives you a full repertoire of tools and resources for real-time editing. For security-conscious developers out there (which should include you!), there’s no shortage of plugins that offer security features — but you want the very best. Wordfence offers the most comprehensive security options. It has a wide range of impressive features that

Nuts & Bolts Of SEO Strategy - Long Tail Keywords

In the latest instalment of our series on the nuts and bolts of SEO strategy, we’re turning our attention to long tail keywords. With searching habits changing as people use voice search more often, long tail keywords are becoming a hot topic in the world of SEO. So, how do long tail keywords work, and how do you get the most out of them? Keep reading to find out! You can’t develop an SEO strategy without keywords. Keywords are the search terms that you want to be on page 1 of Google for, so th

New Year New You

New Year New You The start of a new year serves up an opportunity to reset your goals and refocus your life. The catch-phrase “new year new you” has been around for a long time and is frequently used in marketing campaigns as January approaches. The question, though, is whether this is just marketing hype or something that is actually achievable. We’re all too familiar with making ambitious New Year’s resolutions that we have already failed at before January is over. What Is a New Year’s Resol

Optimising Engagement | 4 Hot Social Media Marketing Tips

Across the globe social media use has exploded in the past decade. Worldwide over 2 billion people log on and use Facebook every month. Given the huge audience available, it’s no wonder these platforms have developed into such a useful marketing tool. By using sites like Facebook and Twitter effectively, you can significantly increase traffic to your website and reap the rewards that come as a result. The only issue is that most people aren’t utilising social media marketing as effectively as

Optimising Engagement | Landing Pages For Conversion Explosion

Continuing our series on optimising engagement, we’re turning our attention to landing pages. Don’t you just wish you could see your conversion rate explode on your landing pages? Conversions are what landing pages are all about, after all. But whilst creating a high converting landing page is possible, it’s not always as straight-forward as we’d like it to be. Buckle up as we take you on an exhilarating ride through our top 4 elements that can boost your landing page conversions. Landing pages

Freelancing With a Chronic Illness

Freelancing can be tough for anyone — dealing with the peaks and troughs in workload, for example, and not having that dependable source of income that comes with employment. With a chronic illness such as CFS/ME, Lyme or Fibromyalgia, freelancing becomes even more challenging. I want to take a few moments of your time to discuss the impact of chronic illness, and some strategies to help. If you’re not familiar with what it’s like to live with a chronic illness then you might struggle to unders

Top 3 Reasons You Need a Copywriter

Since you’re the expert in your business, your product and/or your service, it would make sense to write your website or marketing content, right? Well, technically, yes, but also, no. You are the expert in what you do, but are you an expert in writing? Copywriters have writing skills that go beyond the ordinary. There’s a big difference between being able to write in grammatically correct sentences and writing in a way that converts visitors into customers. Copywriters have crafted content for

Mental Health and Self-Employment

Google mental health and self-employment, and you’ll see a discouraging list of reasons why starting your own business isn’t good for people with mental health challenges. That’s not necessarily the whole story, however. That’s why I want to look at why I think starting your own online business can be beneficial for your mental health. Sites often quote statistics that show people in business suffer more with mental health problems. However, is that true? One in four people experiences mental i

5 Best (Really Free) Website Builders for Nonprofit Websites

Raising awareness of your nonprofit to collect donations and recruit volunteers doesn’t have to be challenging. A well-designed, responsive, and user-friendly nonprofit website is well within your grasp. When you’re on a tight budget, however, you can’t afford to hire a web developer or pay a high premium for website hosting packages. Fortunately, there are intuitive, easy-to-use website builders you can use to launch your nonprofit website quickly, without fuss — and all for free. There are m